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Personal Photography

In general, personal photography is allowed in the public spaces of the University campus provided that it does not cause any disturbance to members of the University and its activities. The privacy of members of the University should always be respected. The University reserves the right to ask any individuals who are disruptive or in violation of the rules and regulations to leave the premises.

As for wedding photography, kindly note that only HKU alumni, current staff and students may have their own wedding photos taken on the University campus, and official permission from the University must first be obtained. Please refer to Wedding Photography on HKU Campus for details.

Please also note that the resulting photographs must only be for personal, non-commercial use and cannot be publicised on social media, published online or in print for advertising, promotion and other marketing or commercial purposes. The University reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against any person who performs, directly or indirectly, such acts.