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Commercial Filming

In general, approval will be granted on a very limited basis for any filming on the University campus with a commercial objective or emphasis. There will be a financial charge for all commercial filming, which must have obtained approval and a filming permit from the University before commencing.

Request must be made no less than 7 working days prior to the intended date of filming. For details, please refer to the “Submitting Requests” for details.

Submitting Requests

Please submit your request to the Communications and Public Affairs Office, via email cpaoevents@hku.hk, no less than 7 working days prior to your intended date of filming. It is essential to provide the following information when submitting your request:

  • Proposed date of filming (please note the “filming dates” as specified below)
  • Locations on the campus requested (please note the “filming locations” as specified below)
  • Duration of filming – start time, finishing time
  • Name and description of the organisation or individual submitting the request
  • Name, phone number and email of the contact person
  • Detailed description of the project (including title, intended audience, expected release date)
  • Detailed description of the types of activity proposed to be filmed at the University
  • A script for the project, if applicable
  • Number of people, and amount and type of equipment involved
  • List of equipment to be used


Upon receiving the request, the offices concerned will review and evaluate the nature of the filming to determine if approval will be granted, taking location availability and other factors of the request into consideration.

A filming permit will be issued and sent to the requester via email if the filming is approved. The filming permit must be presented if requested by any member of the University security team on the day of filming. The University reserves the right to ask any individuals without a filming permit to leave the premises.

Filming Dates

In order not to cause any inconvenience or hindrance to normal activities and operations of the University, permission for filming will be given on all Sundays and statutory holidays outside the examination and Congregation periods*.

* Examination period: May to June; December to mid-January every year.   
  Congregation period: Mid-November to early December every year.   
  (Sundays and statutory holidays during the examination and Congregation periods may be considered if circumstances permit.)

Filming Locations

  • Filming is only permitted in the following locations:
    • outdoor areas of the Main Campus
    • outdoor areas of the Centennial Campus
    • courtyards, corridors and staircases of the Main Building
  • Filming is NOT allowed inside any of the campus’ facilities (except a few areas in the Main Building as specified above), as well as the University Drive, car park entrances and in front of the University Lodge.


  • The filming party (“The party”) should observe the general rules and regulations of the University. The University reserves the right to ask any individuals who are disruptive or in violation of the filming guidelines to leave the premises.
  • The party should not cause any disturbance to members of the University and its activities. The privacy of members of the University should always be respected.
  • The party should not cause any damage or injury to any person or property of the University.
  • The party shall indemnify and keep indemnified the University against all losses claims for injuries or damages to any person, or any property whatsoever may arise from the shooting activity.
  • The party should be responsible for the insurance and safety aspect of the crew.

Parking Arrangement

No reservation of parking spaces nor free parking will be provided. Please click here for details of car parking arrangements on campus.

Rescheduling and Cancellation 

In case of inclement weather or other reasons that may lead to the cancellation or rescheduling of your filming session, please inform us by email on or before your original scheduled date. Any notification after the original scheduled date will be regarded as a separate application.