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The University of Hong Kong, founded in 1911, is the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong. It was granted a shield and a motto by the College of Arms in 1913, and throughout its history the University's visual identity has been firmly based on their display, often coupled the University's name. This is a distinction that resonates outside Hong Kong, particularly in the United Kingdom, other Commonwealth jurisdictions, and the United States. It is also a reminder of the University's antiquity, and a most dignified and effective corporate identity.

The aim of this website is to encourage consistency in the use of the University of Hong Kong's name and visual identity. Consistent and scrupulous use of this visual identity helps to preserve the University's image as an institution that cherishes excellence, and helps to project its core common values.

The University's Visual Identity combines the University's shield and motto and the University's name in English ("The University of Hong Kong") and Chinese ("香港大學"). As it serves as the University's official identity, it should be used discreetly and respectfully. You are most welcome to share your thoughts and questions about the guidelines posted on this website by sending an email to cpao@hku.hk.