Effective Promotion Tools

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Effective Promotion Tools

6 Effective Promotion Tools

Pre-Event Publicity Post-event Publicity
Posters Photos
Social Media and Apps
Submit a Story
  1. Banners / Posters -- Pre-event Publicity

For pre-event publicity, you may simply submit a banner / poster to the HKU homepage and link it to the related website to promote an upcoming event on the HKU homepage. Please read the guidelines and fill in the form at  Banners / Posters.

  1. Photos -- Post-event Publicity

For post-event publicity, you may submit a photo to the HKU homepage with a caption to us to link up the related website/ press release/ photo albums / videos for HKU members to revisit the event. Please read the guidelines and fill in the form here.

  1. HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS) -- Pre-event Publicity

HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS) is a web-based service provided by Information Technology Services for members of the University to publicize their events online. Users of the HKUEMS can also register to attend the published events online. Information about the publicized events are displayed on the HKU Homepage and HKU Portal.

To read the details and submit content to HKUEMS, please go to: http://www.its.hku.hk/services/infosys/hkuems

  1. U-Vision -- Pre and post event Publicity

U-Vision is YOUR voice around the University of Hong Kong. The U-Vision TV monitors located around campus and its website http://uvision.hku.hk give all HKU members a platform to share information about upcoming events and activities. You can get your message out without the hassle of printing and posting. Simply upload your videos, posters, static images or scrolling text to U-Vision for an effective way to spread the word. To read the details and submit content to U-Vision, please go to: https://uvision.hku.hk/playvideo.php?mid=20467

  1. Social Media and Apps -- Social Media & Mobile Apps Publicity

This section provides a channel for you to share your content on social media accounts, such as facebook and twitter of your Faculty / Department, and also mobile apps, all under one roof. To apply for an account under the HKU content management system, please download and fill in the form here.

  1. Submit a Story – Media Story Publicity

This section provides a channel for HKU research and teaching units, and faculty members to share their stories to the media for the purposes of Knowledge Exchange. These can be research findings, expert opinions in laymen terms, news of major breakthroughs, being first-in-the-field, innovations, news that could impact the general public or stories of human interest. Please fill in the details of your story here . The HKU media team will contact you in due course for a publicity plan.