Strategically Oriented Research Themes

HKU Strategically Oriented Research Themes (SORT)

Research and innovation form a core pillar of HKU's academic endeavours and the University is committed to sustaining areas of excellence, cultivating areas of growth and encouraging cross-institutional collaborations. The University's Strategically Oriented Research Themes (SORTs) serve as a key mechanistic element of HKU's research strategy and encompass areas not just of strength, but also ambition and potential.

The research themes are led by outstanding investigators, driven by new knowledge, motivated by cross-disciplinary challenges, and inspired by seeking solutions to complex problems. Many were incubated from HKU's earlier initiative on (Emerging) Strategic Research Themes, and ongoing large-scale projects such as through the State Key Laboratories, Areas of Excellence Scheme and Theme-based Research Scheme

The topics chosen are representative, and necessarily selective, given the large array of excellent research across ten faculties in a comprehensive university that values diversity and dynamism. The themes demonstrate strength, ambition and potential and are grouped into four areas:

SmartBio & HealthTech (SH)

Future Innovative Technologies (FIT)

Smart Systems & Sustainable Society (S4)

Intelligence, Data, E-Commerce & Automation (IDEA)

A brochure titled Strategically Oriented Research Themes describes HKU's research strategy and outlines the themes, capturing past achievements, present activities, current plans and future targets.

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