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Opening of the Chi Wah Learning Commons (智華館)

15 Sep 2012 - 13 Oct 2012

Message from Computer Centre

The 6,000 square metres Chi Wah Learning Commons (智華館) is located at the podium levels of the University’s new Centennial Campus. The facility, which spreads over three levels, is a technology-rich, shared or common space in which students, teachers and others can come together to interact, and participate in various kinds of activities held there. There are a number of entrances to the Learning Commons, one of which is on the Ground (G) floor, the courtyard level, with a spiral staircase connecting levels 1 and 2 (CPD-1 and CPD-2) of the Learning Commons vertically.

A variety of spaces are provided for individual and self-paced learning in the Learning Commons. These include quiet study areas, reading and lounging areas and individual workstations. Collaborative learning spaces are provided in the form of group study rooms, more traditionally styled work tables as well as diner booth style places that are well suited to group interactivity. There is also a Language Laboratory with five cubicles, a Multi-media workshop as well as a coffee corner inside the Learning Commons, which will be opened for use when ready.

On technology side, the Learning Commons is well provided with wired and wireless (WiFi) network connectivity, audio-visual facilities in group study rooms, all-in-one desktop PCs dispersed across the area, as well as A4/A3 printers for colour and black/white printing and copying. Last but not least, there are two video walls inside the Learning Commons, which may be used for broadcasting of events, such as talks given by renowned speakers, held in lecture theatres.

The Learning Commons in the Centennial Campus will become a campus hub for student-centered learning activities. The University is committed to making it an inspiring, vibrant and technology-rich learning space supported by a range of services and activities to enhance student experience and to enable skills development. The Learning Commons is managed by Information Technology Services, with advisory services also provided by other service providers for students. Details on various kinds of advisory services and activities available in the Learning Commons will be announced later.

The Learning Commons will be opened in phases. The CPD-1 level will be opened on 17 September 2012 (Monday) along with the commencement of the 2012/13 academic year, followed by the CPD-2 level in early to mid October 2012.

Opening Hours

The opening hours of the CPD-1 level of the Learning Commons for the period 17 September 2012 (Monday) to 13 October 2012 (Saturday) are as follows-

Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 20:00

Saturday: 08:00 – 13:00

Sunday and Holidays: Closed

A section of the Learning Commons has been designated to have extended opening hours. Details will be announced later.

Support Services

The Learning Environment Services (LES) team of Information Technology Services is responsible for the day-to-day operation and support services of the Learning Commons. There are staff members on duty at the two main service counters on each of CPD-1 and CPD-2 levels of the Learning Commons. Staff on duty wears a light-blue vest with the words “Learning Services” at the back, and an “Ask Me” badge at the front for easy identification.

User Rules and Guidelines

The Learning Commons is a campus hub for student-centered learning activities. It is not open to the public. Individual visitors to the Learning Commons must be accompanied by a student or a staff member of the University. Visiting by groups of more than five must be arranged at least one working day in advance through duty staff at the Service Counters. The Security Guards may require individuals entering the Learning Commons to show their university cards for identification purpose.

Inside the Learning Commons, users must exhibit respectable behavior, and must not jeopardize the rights of other users of the facility. While interactions and group discussions are encouraged, such activities should be carried out in a manner as not to cause undue disturbance to other users. Please check out the Rules and Guidelines for using the Learning Commons at


Users of the Learning Commons are invited to provide feedback on the facilities and services provided in the facility. Please send your feedback by email to

Learning Environment Services Team
Information Technology Services

14 September 2012

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